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The VEIIK Micko is one of the best disposable vaping kits that are available in the market today. These types of devices have come with an excellent range of battery backup with a nice juice capacity. The VEIIK Micko disposable device comes with various flavors for selection. The VEIIK Micko devices are also well-known as vape pen systems to use. These types of devices bring innovation to vape devices with a new vaping look in the vaping world. The Micko vape devices are different from the other vape systems. These disposable vape pens from the Micko brand come with an excellent look to use comfortably. While using, you can do effortless vaping, and no need to press any bottom for vaping, and you need to open the top cap to start vaping. Most Micko disposable pods are capable of delivering 400puffs with their powerful battery backup. Also, these types of vaping units are made of high-quality metallic material for providing the best service ever. You can enjoy the long-lasting vaping experience by using the Micko disposable pods. Additionally, the tiny size design of the Veiik Micko disposable pods allows the users to carry comfortably and effortlessly using.

What is Veiik Micko?

The Veiik Micko devices are disposable vaporizer pods. These types of devices are well-known as pen vaporizers due to their small-sized design. These draw-activated devices are excellent systems for the on-the-go vaper while going out somewhere. These types of vaping units are designed using the best quality stainless-steel materials by adding the original Japanese organic cotton coil. Due to the large capacity and excellent battery backup, these devices provide long-lasting service to the users. Also, by using this type of vape product, users can have approximately real 400 puffs with the perfect combination of flavor and nicotine. Overall, the Veiik Micko vape products are exceptional to use as per their design and vaping performances.

Types of VEIIK Micko Disposable Pod Flavors

Different types of Veiik Micko disposable pods flavors are available in the market today. Also, the Micko disposable systems come with an acceptable design to use effortlessly. Using these types of disposable pods, you do not need to refill vape juice or no need charge, and you can pick it up and use the device to start your pleasant vaping journey. 

However, the best flavors of Veiik Micko disposable pods are;

  • Lychee Ice
  • Blue Ice
  • Classic Tobacco
  • Lemon Citron
  • Mung Bean Ice
  • Orange Soda
  • Nuts Tobacco
  • Thai Mango
  • Thai Pineapple
  • Mighty Mint
  • Watermelon

These are the best flavors of Veiik Micko disposable pods that are available in the market today. We also have all these delicious flavors collections of Veiik Micko disposable pods at our Vape Shop Dubai. These disposable pods are outstanding to use and provide the best vaping experience ever.

Micko Disposable Vaporizer By Veiik

The Micko disposable vaporizer by the Veiik brand comes with a stylish look. These devices are super-slim and durable as well as features the best design to use efficiently. The Micko devices are pen-style portable and ultra-lightweight disposable pod e-cigarette, which provides an incredible rush of nicotine in several flavors. This sort of device comes with a mini portable design to get the vaping experience excellently. These vaping systems come with a powerful 310mAh internal battery capacity, which contains 1.5ml of Salt e-Liquid that provides more than 400-puffs while vaping. The Micko product also comes with a leak-proof design and includes the 1.8ohm resistance original Japanese organic cotton coil. Ultimately, using Micko disposable pods will offer an excellent vaping experience.

Micko Pie Disposable vape pen

The Micko pie disposable vape pen systems are excellent and come with various flavors for selection. The pen system vape devices from the Micko brand come with an effortless design to use and do the vaping comfortably. These types of pen disposable vape systems are excellent to vape due to their e-liquid capacity and powerful battery. Additionally, these vaping systems include a 500mAh built-in battery and 3ml juice capacity, which ensures a long-lasting vaping experience. Due to the mighty battery power of these types of disposable pen pods, it will allow you to have more than 600-puffs to enjoy the best vaping experience ever. The device becomes more sturdy due to the high-quality materials and stainless steel design. Moreover, the original Japanese organic cotton coil will ensure a rich flavor of the disposable pod for more than 6-months.

Micko Plus Disposable Vaporizer by Veiik

The Micko plus disposable vaporizer by Veiik brings a revolution to the vape industry. These types of vaporizers are pocket-friendly vape systems, which come with compact design and leak-proof engineering. The best part of these vape products is constructed with high-quality stainless materials, and that makes the vaporizers durable to use comfortably. Because of the handy and lightweight design, the Micko plus vape products are simple to use. Also, the pen-style portable design helps the users to vape efficiently. Almost all of the Micko plus disposable pod devices come with a 310mAh internal battery and 15W output, which enables support of up to 400puffs comfortably. Also, the capacity is 1.5ml, which is preferable for using daily. Ultimately, all of the Micko plus disposable pods units come with exceptional quality and provide the best vaping experience ever.