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Disposable vape pods devices are super simple to use. Nowadays, different types of disposable vaping devices are available in the market today. Using disposable vaporizers will provide you with the best experience ever with full of flavor and nicotine content. However, the Tugboat disposable vape devices are designed for a mouth to lung vapers and provide the quality of the vaping experience. The Tugboat pod devices are pre-filled with saltnic e-liquid, which brings a comfortable vape for portability and ease of use. This type of disposable pod comes with a fully charged battery, and that guarantees the charge will stay until e-liquid is fully enjoyed. The Tugboat brand comes with several types of disposable pods at its disposal. Also, all of these devices are excellent that will deliver a high-standard vaping experience. The Tugboat disposable pods come with a button-less design, including the activated system for comfortable inhaling. You can enjoy several refreshing flavors by using these vaping systems with an effortless vaping experience.

Types of Tugboat Disposable Pods

Several types of Tugboat disposable pods are available in the market today. Most of these disposable pods devices come in 3 pieces per pack. Also, you can use these types of devices effortlessly due to the draw-activated function. For using this type of vape device, you need to insert the Tugboat vape system between your lips and give a good draw out of it. These sorts of vaping units will allow you to enjoy every draw out of this mouth-to-lung vaporizer. We have an extensive range of collections of different Tugboat disposable pods at our Vape Shop Dubai, where the devices are available in several delicious flavors. You can genuinely have a satisfying and effortless vaping experience by using the Tugboat pod systems.

Here, the list of the best flavors collections of disposable pod vape devices.

  • Tugboat V2 Mango
  • Tugboat V2 Mixed Berries
  • Tugboat Fruit Tea
  • TUGBOAT XXL Disposable Pods
  • Tugboat 2 Watermelon Ice
  • VEIIK Micko Mega Pods

These are the best collections of Tugboat disposable pods systems that we have at our Vape Shop UAE. All of these flavors are delicious to enjoy an effortless vaping experience. Additionally, these types of devices are user-friendly and come with a reasonable weight, including the pod system also provides a good dose of nicotine.

Tugboat V2 Mango

The Tugboat V2 Mango disposable pod devices are excellent vaping units to use. These types of vape devices come with pre-filled saltnic e-liquid, which brings the best portability to use comfortably. This Tugboat V2 Mango in Dubai is an outstanding device to use efficiently. This draw-activated firing mechanism prod allows the users to have a pure flavor similar to genuine and refreshing tropical mango flavor. Also, the taste of tropical mango flavor is excellent, which provides a feeling of satisfaction when inhaling and exhaling. The pod capacity of this vaping unit is 1.2ml, which is comparable with 20-traditional cigarettes. This fresh mango flavor includes 5.0% of nicotine strength by volume and delivers approximately 300-puffs.

Tugboat V2 Mixed Berries

The Tugboat V2 mixed berries disposable pod in Dubai is an exceptional vaping device to use. This flavor disposable pod device comes with a mixture of five berries flavors, which made this flavor tart and evincing of gentle sweetness. However, the combinations of five mixed berries are black currant, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry. While inhaling each puff with this flavor, you will enjoy the feast of berries 5.0% mg of nicotine strength by volume. Using this Tugboat pod will allow you to enjoy a pure flavor of five mixture berries with gentle sweetness.

Tugboat Fruit Tea

The Tugboat fruit tea disposable pod is a device for a mouth to lung vapers that is pre-filled with saltnic e-liquid. This fruit tea e-juice flavor comes with a sweet and sour passion fruits taste, including a touch of green tea and the taste of mint. This flavor offers a refreshing blast of taste with its 5.0% nicotine strength by volume. This disposable pod system also comes with 1.2ml of pod capacity and 3-pods in one pack. While using or vaping with this flavored disposable pod unit, you will enjoy the passion of fruit blends perfectly with the taste of Green Tea.

TUGBOAT XXL Disposable Pods

The Tugboat XXL disposable pods devices are excellent to do vaping. These types of devices are pre-filled with nic salt juice, which offers the best vaping experience to the users. This vaping product comes with a rectangular column design, which makes this device handhold and portable to maintain comfortably. The Tugboat XXL pod system comes with a 1000mAh battery, which offers approximately 2500 puffs to satisfy your cravings. However, these types of devices are comfortable to use because of their effortless design. Also, they are available in different delicious flavors to taste, and the flavors are grape ice, strawberry, watermelon, lush ice, blue Raz, cool mint, and red energy. All these flavors are delightful and come with refreshing fruit goodness to satisfy your taste buds. Additionally, the 1.8ohm coil and the 6.5mL built-in pod allow the users to enjoy the best vaping experience.

Tugboat 2 Watermelon Ice

The Tugboat 2 watermelon ice disposable pod is a vaping system to use. It comes with a delicious flavor, which delivers an uplifting burst of sweet watermelon with icy undertones that are perfectly balanced and rich with flavors. This disposable pod unit comes with an ultra-portable lightweight design, which makes this device effortless to use and carry anywhere you like. By using this disposable pod, you can feel the crisp and sweet watermelon juice flavor in a hot summer. Also, the charged battery with saltnic juice will help you to enjoy the vaping session by maintaining the 50.% of nicotine strength by volume.

VEIIK Micko Mega Pods

The VEIIK Micko mega pods are disposable vape units to use. These types of vaping units come with an ergonomic design and matte paint finish, which makes vaping more comfortable. The best part of these vaping units is upgraded to 800 puffs to have the best vaping experience. This type of product from VEIIK comes with the two-side air flows function, which supports the mouth-to-lung and lightly DTL vaping ways. By using these disposable pods, you will have pure flavor and big vapor production. Moreover, the breathing light of this vaping unit brings more vaping joys in bars. Ultimately, these types of disposable vaping pods devices are effortless to use and provide the best vaping experience all the time.