The STIG devices are the new revolutionary invention of the vape industry. These devices are well-known as disposable pod vaping devices. By using STIG devices, you can easily explore the future of vaping. The STIG vaping devices are now available in the market today. However, we all know that disposable vape systems are incredible to use. Most of these systems provide an effortless, flavorful and satisfying salt nicotine experience to vape users. The design of a stig pod device is the on-draw system, which is always ready for starting vaping. These types of pod devices rival the best vaping experience with a smooth throat hit and higher nicotine absorption, including less vape juice and vapor production. The best part of using Stig pods is that your cloth will not smell, with no stale smoke odor from cigarette butts or yellow teeth.

The STIG devices come with a low-wattage configuration to use comfortably. After the activation of a stig pod device that gently heats the coils to produce vapor, including the best flavor from e-liquid to create a high-quality taste. While vaping, one thing to remember using high-level nicotine contains an effect on the flavor. Therefore, you can get a winning combination by maximizing flavor and nicotine satisfaction. Additionally, the Stig Pods systems are that all-in-one winning combination.

What is STIG Pods Device?

The STIG Pod devices are the revolutionary vaping product in the market today. For effortless use, these types of Pod systems are the best vape device to use. The STIG vape devices come with a massive change of salt-based nicotine to a whole new level. These devices are highly concentrated salt-based nicotine, which provides better nicotine blood absorption to enjoy faster satisfaction for a lengthier period. This type of vape unit is filled with SaltNic e-liquid, and that is outstandingly smooth and tasteful. Also, it enables supremely satisfying throat hits. For enjoying effortless vaping, the STIG pod device is the best option to choose for vaping. Also, these pod devices are pocket-friendly, which allow you to take anywhere and enjoy your active lifestyle.

Types of STIG Pod Devices

Different types of STIG pod devices are available in the market. You can have the perfect effortless vaping experience by using stig devices with incredible value. These devices are outstanding to enjoy a winning combination of nicotine with several fresh flavors specifically. There is an excellent range of collections at our Vape Shop Dubai, where you can get the product conveniently as per your desire.

The Types of STIG pod devices flavors are;

  • Stig Iced Purple Bomb
  • STIG Dry Tobacco
  • STIG Iced Bomb Tropical Mango
  • STIG Summer Strawberry
  • STIG Mighty Mint 
  • STIG Cubano
  • STIG Tropical Mango
  • STIG Mango Bomb 
  • Stig Lush Ice

These are the collections that we have at our Vape Shop UAE. Also, these flavors are the best for vaping using stig devices to enjoy the all-in-one winning combination.

Stig Iced Purple Bomb

The STIG Iced purple bomb is the newest pod flavor that is included in a stacked Stig Disposable Vape lineup. It comes with a grape flavor, which includes a smooth tempered with a strong glaze of icy cold menthol. However, it is a small-sized super durable device to use comfortably. While using this flavor, you will enjoy the juicy purple grapes taste, including a smooth tempered and intense finish of icy cold menthol with every inhale and exhale.

STIG Dry Tobacco

The STIG dry tobacco is an excellent flavor to unlock all your vaping desires. This flavor will provide a flue-cured tobacco taste, including a fantastic rush of menthol with every inhale and exhale. Also, this dry tobacco flavor comes with an earthy sun-dried tobacco leaf for enjoying the best vaping sessions ever.

STIG Iced Bomb Tropical Mango

The STIG iced bomb is an excellent flavor for satisfying your vaping desires. The tropical mango flavor comes with a fruity flavor of sweet, juicy, and tangy citrusy mango, including a mixture of cool-menthol finish. You can enjoy this VGOD STIG immensely flavor, which will satisfy your cravings in one single hit.

STIG Summer Strawberry

The STIG summer strawberry disposable pod device comes with an all-in-one pod design. This vaping pod unit is designed for discreet mouth-to-lung vaping. However, this summer strawberry flavoring is a new flavor, which comes with a bursting strawberry flavor. You can enjoy this auto-draw-activated Stig vape in summer with a refreshing splash of delicious strawberries. This stig pod device comes with a 1.2ml e-liquid capacity with 60mg of nicotine salt e-liquid.

STIG Mighty Mint

The STIG mighty mint disposable pod device is an all-in-one draw-activated vaping system. These devices are filled with 1.2ml of nicotine salts and allow the users to have up to 270-300 puffs per life cycle. This flavor comes with revitalizing cool-sensations of spearmint menthol, which imparts invigorating satisfaction. Due to this mighty mint flavor, this Stig system by VGOD is extremely popular in the market today. While having this flavor, you will enjoy a refreshing burst of icy cool-mint with pleasurable throat hits of super-smooth nicotine.

STIG Cubano

The STIG Cubano disposable pod device is an excellent unit to satisfy all your vaping desires. This flavor comes with a strong Cuban tobacco flavor, which is the combination of a hint of creamy and sweet vanilla. While having this flavor, you will enjoy a truly unique taste experience with a smooth Cubano cigar and a touch of creamy vanilla subtle sweetness. Additionally, it is an outstanding flavor that provides a smooth throat hitting fresh and rich Cuban tobacco flavor with the satisfying nicotine rush.

STIG Tropical Mango

The STIG tropical mango disposable pod is a durable vaping device. This stig pod flavor comes with a pure refreshing fruity flavor of a tropical Mango, including a sweet mango and a hint of zing every inhales and exhale. It is an extremely popular flavor by VGOD, which tastes like freshly sliced juicy mangos to satisfy cravings in one single hit. This pod device does not include any complicated settings or buttons, and the auto-draw-activated option helps the users to enjoy an effortless vaping experience.

STIG Mango Bomb

The STIG mango bomb disposable pod system is an outstanding device to use. This stig unit by VGOD comes with a refreshingly sweet, juicy, and tangy citrus mango flavor, including a fresh menthol finish. While vaping with this flavor, it will provide a pure refreshing, smooth, and fruity taste of sweet mango with a cool-menthol finish every inhale and exhale. By using this vaping device, you can enjoy up to 270-300 puffs with a blend of delicious freshly sliced mangoes and just the right amount of menthol.

Stig Lush Ice

The Stig lush ice disposable pod vape unit is a portable device to fulfill your vaping desires. It comes with sweet feelings of mixed melons and menthol on the exhale. While vaping with this stig flavor, you will enjoy a breath of fresh, crisp watermelon with the sweet mixed melons. Additionally, this flavor will help you to satisfy your cravings with the delicious burst of fresh frosty watermelon, including an ultra-smooth and completely satisfying hit of nicotine. All of the STIG devices like this unit come with pre-filled nicotine salts e-liquid. Also, this stig system offers approximately 300 puffs, which is comparable with 20 traditional cigarettes.