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The MLV PHIX is the vaping device to use. These devices are the latest all-in-one system that designs using the best technology to ensure ergonomics and portability. However, the PHIX devices by MLV come with an ultra-sleek and compact pod system design. These devices are preferable for vapors on the go or simply looking for an easy-to-use device. These types of vaping units do not feature any buttons, and they get automatically activated when you inhale. The best part of PHIX devices utilizes a unique magnetic pod system, including proprietary pre-filled PHIX flavor pods. The flavor pods originate with a 1.5ohm ceramic coil with a specific formulation, which generates the absolute throat hit at a 5% volume of 50mg nicotine. These devices are excellent to use, and the pods offer approximately 400 puffs, and the vaping units have come with non-refillable designs. Additionally, some of the PHIX also comes with charging options, where you can comfortably recharge the device using the included magnetic USB charger. Most of these products have come with the classic automatic style. Also, the products come with effortless and convenient designs by ensuring the best quality to use comfortably. Furthermore, by using these pod vape systems, you can enjoy the best vaping ever.

Types of MLV PHIX Products

Nowadays, several types of MLV PHIX vaping products are available in the market. We have several kinds of MLV PHIX products, and these are convenient to use. These types of products or devices are excellent to use for vapers who want to enjoy a consistent experience of vaping without having to mess with different settings and hardware pieces. The PHIX products also come with pocket-friendly designs to use comfortably. Also, several kinds of MLV products have come with long-lasting batteries. Regarding the other features, the devices are also built-in with the atomizer, which allows the users to enjoy a flawless mouth-to-lung vaping experience. Also, you will enjoy the satisfying moment, where the vape will provide you with a strong throat hit, including the perfect amount of nicotine with every puff. 

However, the types of collection of MLV PHIX units are;

  • Phix Starter Kit
  • Phix Basic Kit

These are the two types of MLV Phix products that are popular in the market today. These types of Phix kits include several kinds of other related accessories. The Phix starter kit comes with a single pod of the original blend of tobacco and the Phix battery, including a charger for recharging the device conveniently. Also, the basic kit of Phix includes a battery and a charger. Additionally, the Phix flavor pods have come with the best design, including in sets of four flavors. These vaping units are excellent to use regarding the quality and design. All of these products come with a powerful and stylish design that compact vape completely attracts the attention of ex-smokers. Some of these devices may include high-nicotine, and that might be too harsh for beginners. But the users who have a long smoking history will enjoy vaping and appreciate it for sure. You can enjoy the best satisfaction of vaping comfortably while using Phix products.

Phix Starter Kit

The Phix starter kit is a convenient device that one pack includes the PHIX battery and USB charging cable. These types of devices also come with the best design, and the device pod is pre-filled with the delicious original blend tobacco. The starter kit of the PHIX device is a true closed vaping system, which is preferable for maximum convenience and safe operation. These types of starter kit devices are perfect for smokers because of their design, and that lets the users vape the way they vape by inhaling the vapor from the mouth to the lungs. Additionally, the liquid substance is uniquely satisfying and delicious. The pod tastes excellent of the Phix products compared with other products in the market. Overall, you can get the best enjoyment by using nicotine salt e-liquids. For using the Phix devices comfortably, these vape units come with a ceramic exterior design for a better grip and slip-free hand feel. Another best part of these devices is the temperature control technology, which automatically prevents dry hits and keeps the device perfect, and provides better performance while using it every time. These types of vaporizers are convenient and come with the best pods that use ceramic wicks to produce a pure flavor. Moreover, by using the Phix vape starter kit, you can enjoy the best ease of use with pure satisfaction.

Phix Basic Kit

The Phix basic kit is a vaping device that comes with a battery device and charger. By using the Phix vaping systems, you can have one of the best smoking experiences on the market. These types of basic kit from Phix vaping unit comes with long-lasting battery life. These vapes have come with improved flavor-enhancing airflow. Because of the leak-resistant technology, you can use the Phix basic kit comfortably. Also, the best part of the basic kit vape from Phix is that the devices get fully charged in 15-20 minutes. However, the chargeable Phix basic kit devices have come with the USB charging C-type lightning charger to recharge the device comfortably. Another thing about the basic kit vape of Phix, they are also designed with an overcharge protection chip, which ensures the best performance of the battery. With the battery light indicator, including the solid base design, the Phix basic kit is the best device to use comfortably. The Phix vape device is all about convenience, which is preferable to use with the best of vaping satisfaction. You can simply recharge the device by connecting the magnetic charger to the USB port, and it will take approximately 45-minutes to get fully charged. The using process of the Phix devices is simple you need to drop a magnetic pod into the top of the battery. Then, the pod clicks into the place, and the vaping unit is ready to use immediately. Also, the puffs on the Phix device create vapor automatically to enjoy the best vaping session ever.  You can have an excellent experience by using the Phix device, which begins with learning to puff properly. Another notable thing to keep in mind is that you need to avoid biting or squeezing the pod while puffing. That means gently puffing means you are avoiding putting pressure on the pod. Also, it will ensure that you are enjoying the best satisfying vapor clouds without getting e-liquid in your mouth. Overall, you get the best enjoyment by using the Phix devices conveniently.