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The IQOS Marlboro products are newly introduced to the vape industry and granted by the USA for selling to the market. Marlboro Heats products are preferable for use in IQOS devices. The IQOS electronic device comes with a different technology than e-cigarettes. These are widely known as heated tobacco products, which include the heat-not-burn technology to use actual tobacco with the same taste. However, the Marlboro cigarette is the most top-selling brand in the world. Due to the advent of technology, this brand also comes with a new trend, which is well-known as HEETS Marlboro. These types of heated tobacco help smokers to try a new way to smoke. It is a regular thing that everyone knows that the Heets product contains tobacco. Also, the Heets product is specially designed to use with the IQOS holder. You can purchase HEETS Marlboro online or in physical stores from our Vape Shop UAE. Marlboro heated tobacco products come with several layers of filters to use comfortably. The Marlboro heated tobacco products are convenient to use, which gives out smoke and vapor, and that users can inhale it comfortably. Additionally, the flavor of the heated tobacco material is fuller and provides a more satisfying experience, which is comparable with traditional cigarettes. By using the Marlboro Heets sticks with the IQOS holder, you will enjoy the best comforting smoke.

Types of IQOS Marlboro Heets

The Marlboro Heets sticks products come with several types of flavors to use. The e-cigarettes come in a wide variety of flavors. These devices on flavored nicotine juices, and which make them popular among the younger generation. Due to the latest smoking trend, a new tobacco product IQOS, the Heets products become more popular to enjoy real tobacco instead of e-juice. Also, the Heets products from Marlboro come with several flavors are infused with different aromas, such as menthol or citrus fruits. At our Vape Shop Dubai, a wide range of Heets products are available from the Marlboro brand with different flavors. You can simply purchase these Marlboro HEETS from us at the best price ever. Additionally, you can buy these Heets and other vaping products from us by visiting our shop physically or using the online platform. 

The Different Types of Marlboro Heets flavors are;

  • Marlboro Heets Balanced Regular
  • Marlboro Heets Bright Menthol
  • Marlboro Heets Menthol
  • Marlboro Heets Mint
  • Marlboro Heets Purple Menthol
  • Marlboro Heets Regular
  • Marlboro Heets Smooth Regular
  • Marlboro Heets Tropical Menthol
  • Marlboro Heets Yellow Menthol

These are the collections of Marlboro Heets that we have in our shop at Vape Corn Dubai. You can have these Heets products of tobacco infused with different aromas and tastes.

Marlboro Heets Balanced Regular

The IQOS Marlboro Heets balanced regular is a convenient product to use. These Heets sticks are handy, which offers a genuine Marlboro Taste to enjoy the satisfying vaping experience. By using this balanced regular Heets stick from the Marlboro brand, you can enjoy the best taste between a Marlboro light and ultralight with a satisfyingly balanced inhale and light smooth exhale. Using these types of Heets products is a new style of smoking by keeping the real taste of tobacco.

Marlboro Heets Bright Menthol

The IQOS Marlboro Heets bright menthol is an excellent heated tobacco product for IQOS devices. These types of Heets sticks come with a smaller design than conventional cigarettes. Also, these sticks are specially designed for use exclusively with the IQOS system. You can use the IQOS holder to use the Marlboro Heets sticks to taste the satisfying experience. These Heets sticks are outstanding that allow the users to have the real taste of tobacco through a nicotine-containing vapor without the burning smell of tobacco or generating smoke.

Marlboro Heets Menthol

The IQOS Marlboro Heets menthol products are identical to heated tobacco use. This flavor from the Marlboro Heets is well-known as the Menthol Cigarette with a crisp, clean menthol. You can use this product comfortably with an IQOS holder. Due to the heat-not-burn technology, you can enjoy the instant nicotine rush without harmful carcinogens contained in cigarette smoke.

Marlboro Heets Mint

The IQOS Marlboro Heets mint comes with a superb minty flavor on both inhale and exhale. It is the Heets product that keeps your breath fresh with the best satisfaction of nicotine. However, using these types of sticks will give you the ultimate satisfaction of heated tobacco products. Using these types of Heets products of the Marlboro brand with IQOS systems comes with fewer risks compared with traditional cigarettes.

Marlboro Heets Purple Menthol

The IQOS Marlboro Heets purple menthol is an outstanding Heets stick to use. It is preferable to use with the IQOS systems and comes with a unique blueberry menthol experience. While inhaling with this menthol flavor, you can have the best vaping experience, a heavy menthol effect with strong blueberry tones on exhale. Additionally, it is an excellent flavor for menthol lovers, who love to inhale a fruity twist. The heat-not-to-burn technology also helps to use the product comfortably without burning smells and traditional smoke ashes.

Marlboro Heets Regular

The IQOS Marlboro Heets regular is an excellent Heets product that comes with a new style of smoking. Due to the advanced technology system, these types of Heets products offer less Sidestream smoke by keeping the satisfying tobacco taste. However, by using these types of Heets products, you can inhale mimics the classic Marlboro taste, including the smooths out to a light, easy exhale. Also, the smooth regular is highly suggested to use if anyone loves to smoke Marlboro Lights Heets products.

Marlboro Heets Smooth Regular

The IQOS Marlboro Heets smooth regular is a preferable tobacco heated product to use. This smooth flavor Heets from the Marlboro brand comes with a smooth and deep flavor, including the existence of the best nicotine flavor. While having this flavor, you will find the taste like the middle of the regular and balanced regular taste. Also, it is recommended flavor for all these users who regularly smoked lights and super lights in regular cigarettes. It is also suggested for all these users who are not satisfied a little with balanced regulars. To enjoy smelling the relatively lighter aroma that is peculiar to iQOS. Additionally, it is a middleweight product, which combines smooth flavor with the smooth flavor of tobacco.

Marlboro Heets Tropical Menthol

The IQOS Marlboro Heets tropical menthol comes with a tropical fruity notes taste. These Heets products smell very aggressive from the pack. While using, the taste is not as bright as the aroma. This flavor Heets from the Marlboro brand comes with less menthol taste, which is present in the Heets but not as bright as all other tastes. You can use this Tropical menthol flavor to enjoy the ultimate satisfaction of vaping.

Marlboro Heets Yellow Menthol

The IQOS Marlboro Heets Yellow Menthol is an excellent flavor to taste with the IQOS systems. The flavor of this Heets from the Marlboro brand comes with a refreshingly sweet aroma of blueberries and a strong menthol mint. While using these flavor Heets will allow you to enjoy a refreshing aftertaste characterized by flavor. Additionally, this yellow menthol heated tobacco product comes with a combination of citrus taste tobacco and Menthol-based citrus flavor.