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IQOS Lil Solid devices are convenient products. These types of devices are developed by South Korean company KT&G. The Lil solid devices from the IQOS brand are the outstanding products to use and presented by Philip Morris. The Lil solid devices come in a tiny size, including a compact and lightweight design. All of the Lil solid device from the IQOS brand comes with the best design ever to use comfortably. However, the convenient design and simple display allow the users to use the device efficiently. The Lil solid devices from IQOS come with a battery-operated design. After a full charge of the device, it will let you use it for 20 sessions, which means the users will use these types of devices for the entire day. Moreover, the display option of the Lil Solid devices will let you know that when the device is ready to work again. Additionally, the Lil solid devices are excellent heating tobacco devices to use effortlessly.

What is Lil Solid Device?

The Lil solid device is an all-in-one heating tobacco unit, which heats the tobacco materials and sticks from the inside with a needle. It is a South Korean product produced by KT&G and introduced by IQOS. These types of devices are available on the market as tobacco heating systems for use. Most of the devices are affordable to purchase, which can provide 3-consecutive uses and up to 25-sessions with a full charge. The Lil solid device comes with a convenient design, which is more like a Glo nano product. These types of heating systems include the best technology with the perimeter through a layer of paper, while IQOS uses a heating blade. Also, the blade of these devices is round and rather like a knitting needle. The heater of the Lil Solid devices comes with a metallic design and is more reliable.

Types of Lil Solid IQOS Device?

The Lil solid devices are available in different colors with several flavors. However, these types of heating devices come in three special colors tobacco, berry, and citrus. These Lil devices are preferable to enjoy a pure tobacco flavor. Additionally, the Lil solid device is available in three colors black, blue, and white. At our Vape Shop Dubai, we have these collections of Lil solid IQOS devices.

  • IQOS Lil SOLID Black
  • IQOS Lil SOLID Blue
  • IQOS Lil SOLID White

These are the collections of Lil solid devices that are available in the market today. You can purchase these Lil solid devices from us at our Vape Shop UAE at the best price ever.


The IQOS Lil solid black is an advanced tobacco heating system to use. It is a compact device for vaping, which comes with an all-in-one formate to operate the system efficiently. This compact Lil solid device comes with better formate for using the device comfortably. After completing a full charge, the device is ready to use for the entire day. Also, the fully charged device is enough for 25 sticks for enjoying a session duration is 5 minutes or 14 puffs. The plain and simple design of this system allows the users to use it comfortably. As well, enjoy the best vaping session without smoke and ash. The Type C USB charging cable and adapter let you for charging the device conveniently.


The IQOS Lil solid blue heated device is also an advanced vaping unit to use. It comes with a compact and lightweight design to use this vaping unit effortlessly. Due to the all-in-one design of this device convenient to use, including the simple display and vibration system. The Dual Heat technology of this device is excellent, which lets the users enjoy gently warming tobacco from the inside up to 350C. You can also have the revealing taste and aroma of this unit without smoke and ash. This device is also equipped with the USP charger to re-charge the device comfortably. With a full charge of the battery, you can enjoy 20-sessions of vaping effortlessly.


The IQOS Lil solid white is a convenient vaping device that comes with advanced technology. It comes with a sleek and compact design, which makes this unit smooth and effortless to use. This heated tobacco unit is also equipped with dual heat technology to use the device efficiently. The Lil solid device means that includes dual heat technology, which allows the users to enjoy gently warm tobacco with the best taste and aroma. Due to the powerful battery design of this device, it will let you use the system for the entire day with 20-sessions. Using this type of device will allow you to have 4-sessions in a row, including more 4-more availability in just 3.5-minutes. Additionally, the display option is convenient, which will inform you about the Lil solid if it is ready to work again.