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IQOS accessories are vaping-related products. These types of products are also well-known as heated tobacco products. Using these types of devices requires a lower temperature than conventional cigarettes. The IQOS product includes nicotine, and which is a highly addictive chemical. However, the working process of iqos products starts from the heat, where it generates an aerosol or smoke to be inhaled from the tobacco. The produced smoke from these devices contains nicotine and other vaping-related chemicals. However, the iqos product was created by Philip Morris International (PMI) under most of the two famous brands Marlboro and Parliament. These devices are operated by inserting a tobacco stick into a system that heats for creating an inhalable aerosol. Additionally, the IQOS is an electronic device, and it is subject to all the same existing restrictions as traditional cigarettes. The founder of these products claims that they are safer than cigarettes and give excellent user experiences. 

The IQOS uses different technology than e-cigarettes, and that made it different from other vaping products. These are heat-not-burn products and use actual tobacco, not the flavored e-liquid typically found in e-cigarettes. The concept of heat-not-burn technology is a convenient idea, which allows the users to experience smoking like a regular cigarette without inhaling combusted tobacco.

Types of IQOS Accessories

Several types of IQOS accessories are available in the market. These types of accessories are essential for protecting iqos electronic cigarette supplies clean and tidy. In our Vape Corn Dubai shop, you will find several types of vape products, including other good deals on IQOS accessories. Here, you can find convenient quality brands of iqos accessories. However, we have an excellent range of collections of iqos accessories, which are designed using the best materials. Also, all these products are outstanding and improve the device performance to use comfortably. 

The IQOS accessories that we have;

  • Cleaning Tool
  • Cleaning Sticks
  • Liquid Cleaning 100ml
  • Liquid Cleaning 50ml
  • Oil Absorbing Sheets

These are the accessories that we have relating to the IQOS products. These products are convenient and come with the best design ever. Using these products will provide you with the improving performance of your device. These accessories for IQOS products are available, and you can purchase from our Vape Dubai UAE Shop at the best price ever.

Cleaning Tool

We have the IQOS 3 and 3M cleaning tools in our collections. It is one of the best cleaning tools that we have in our vape shop in the UAE. By using this tool, It will allow you to keep your IQOS holder in a convenient condition. It will also ensure a consistent taste while using the device. It is an excellent cleaner, which integrated brushes ensure the cleaning to keep your IQOS devices efficient. With this cleaning tool, you can clean your IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS 3 devices comfortably.

Cleaning Sticks

We are Vape Corn Dubai selling the original cleaning sticks to clean your iqos devices perfectly. These IQOS cleaning sticks pack are convenient and ensure optimal performance of IQOS holders. This handy cleaning stick allows you to use it effortlessly to maintain the optimal condition of IQOS holders for providing correct operations. This IQOS cleaning stick is a convenient tool for your regular cleaning of IQOS devices.

Liquid Cleaning 100ml

We have an exceptional collection of IQOS cleaning products. The liquid cleaning 100ml is an outstanding cleaning liquid, which is a special liquid and includes alcohol. While using this liquid, you need to spray the cleaning liquid 2 to 3 times on the brush, and it is exclusive for iqos. Then, you need to insert the brush into the IQOS stick body from the bottom part to clean the dirt comfortably. Additionally, you can wipe the inside of the stick with a cotton swab. Caution: while cleaning iqos devices, never spray this liquid directly to the inside of the stick because that may cause the failure of the device.

Liquid Cleaning 50ml

This liquid cleaning 50ml is the same product that we discussed before. It is the same liquid for cleaning iqos products. But the quantity of this product is 50ml, and it is the difference between the liquid cleaning 100ml and 50ml. You can use this liquid for cleaning tar off from IQOS devices. Instead of cleaning, you can use this device from deodorant to sterilization, including you can use this for anti-rust and antistatic.

Oil Absorbing Sheets

We have convenient collections of Oil absorbing sheets for IQOS. These Oil absorbing sheets come with 30 pieces of the pack. It is an excellent product to use, which absorbs smoke oil from HEETS. By using these sheets, you can keep clean devices and extend the device’s useful life. These types of sheets are outstanding, and a convenient helper after repair solves sealing not good problem.